This is not prophecy but political analysis.
China is very close to Zimbabwe culturally, politically and ideologically. If you want to understand Zimbabwe politics, study Chinese politics. Chinese politics has been influencing Zimbabwe since early 1970’s and few Know it or believe it. However, the parallels are too similar.


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Most of the book of Revelation applies to all men everywhere. Most people find it hard to understand the book because it is written in a strange category of literature. The book fires your imagination by painting pictures in your mind that will horrify you and inspire you. In reality it depicts the horrors of people, nations and continents that do not obey God and who fight against the Lordship of Messiah Jesus Christ…. and the awesome power of God and his inevitable triumph.Revelation 6:1-8 is about the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Books have been written about these few verses. Films have been made about these verses, and now these verses can be applied to Zimbabwe from the 1970’s to post 2000.

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This is a prophecy to Presidential aspirant Emmerson Mnangagwa.
You are clearly the best man to succeed his Excellency R.G. Mugabe president, and God wants you to have that job because you can bring an enormous turnaround to Zimbabwe. I have seen it spiritually…..but there is a huge catch. God is planning to kill you.
True prophets tell the truth regardless of their personal prosperity or the danger it may cause them to their own lives. They tell the truth because that is the wisest, most loving thing to do and they tell the truth because it is what God wants. They are not protected by wealth or power or connections. They are protected by God.
Before I go into the prophecy I have to clear up one issue. In my prophecy to Hon. Grace Mugabe published by Zimeye and my own blobsite on the 23rd October, 2014[
https://zimbabweprophetic.wordpress.com/2014/10/23/prophecy-to-hon-grace-mugabe/ it seems as though I am prophesying her ascendancy to presidential office. This wrong as at the beginning I clearly state that the phrase ASPIRING TO BE NATIONAL LEADER refers to her being head of women’s league, not the presidency. Later on perhaps, or perhaps not, she will be president, but not now.
The person who is clearly the best person for the job is yourself. You have the intelligence, the talent, the legal skills necessary, the political experience, you are a war veteran and you are respected by the military. You also are promoting the rise of the wife of the president to having an inspirational/reformist political role. I am willing to tell you openly that God want you to be president but you have deeply offended him, and since 2008 he has been planning to kill you. You are like Moses who was appointed to deliver Israel from Egypt then because of disobedience God planned to kill him [exodus 4.24]. It was only the intervention of God that caused him to obey God and to save his life.
Your car accident recently was a foretaste of how easy it is for God to take your life. You thought it was witchcraft but it was not. It was a divine warning.
In 2008 during pre-elections, a headmaster of Horseshoe school in Guruve was attacked by a sculptor I personally know, with others. This headmaster was a man of peace, a man of integrity, a man who loved to teach and to lead pupils. He raised money through Tengenenge clients and built classrooms and teacher accommodation. He was accused of being MDC and he was kicked to death. The cold blooded murderer of this good, quiet, helpful man has not been bought to book. This death and the death of many others, including the beating of helpless people and the beating plus other abuses of women have incurred the infinite fury of God. The blood of the innocents cry out from the ground. As they were dying, this man and others have prayed to God and God has heard their cry and he is about to act, even though you are the best one for the job. The blood of the innocents has disappeared from the soil but it has not disappeared from the deeply intense anger of God. You did not kill anyone but people feared you and they carried out these evil acts to please you. Your business dealings and your political campaigns have added to the utter indescribable fury of God.
Why has God not removed your spirit from your body, causing your instant death since that time? It is because he has given you blessing, waiting for you to repent, to change your heart and mind, to be the kind of man he wants you to be. Financial blessing, property and political office.
Rom 2.3 Do you suppose, O man—you who judge those who practice such things and yet do them yourself—that you will escape the judgement of God? 4 Or do you presume on the riches of his kindness and forbearance and patience, not knowing that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance?
You are like Jacob in a way, a man who God blessed even though he was a wicked man. God planned Jacob and Moses to change so they could rise up and do the roles God first of all gave them to do. Moses obeyed God and saved his life. Jacob changed his life and fulfilled the role of patriarch. Although Laban and Esau planned to kill Jacob, Jacob struggled with God, changed his life and saved his life. This is what you have to do, and do it now. Do not say somebody wants to kill me. Say God wants to kill me. Somebody does not want to kill you. God wants to kill you.
You are desperately needed in Zimbabwe. The nation is at a turning point. It is time for the people of Zimbabwe to be loved, to be comforted, to be cared for like a hen cares for her chicks. It is time for the economy to be opened up to all, without the fear that a greedy man will use political connections to throw the business into chaos and destroy it, or to pass laws that make the business impossible. [I am not referring to Indigenization of land and natural resources, a policy planned from long ago by God himself]. Every loyal Zimbabwean man or woman who has talent should now be allowed to run a business without fear of that business being warred against and destroyed. The nation should be united under God- one nation with diversity of tribes and nations-as long as they all work for the unity, prosperity of the nation and not only for themselves, their religion, their church, their family.
Those who have political office should be people who have integrity, harmoniousness, have a drive for excellence, have talent. Professionals. Experts. A drive to do things. Accomplish goals. A drive to serve the nation. A drive to serve the poorest, weakest people. The same goes for any position in a business, in community leadership, in Government posts at all levels. You are a Lawyer you know what to do. All people in the nation should have a heart desire to serve the people of Zimbabwe with excellence, and not to strive for those posts to get money, to get a position, to get a job. You are the man who can move the nation so that this philosophy comes into practice. People should not get posts through manipulation, threats, payments, connections. It is these people who are greedy, lazy parasites who are rotting the nation and causing government offices to be inefficient, unmotivated, undisciplined, arrogant, uninterested in doing what they are supposed to do, and the masses, the poor, the workers, the common people of Zimbabwe are suffering because of these parasites, these self-centred self-gratifying, pleasure seekers. Sons of Satan.
The heart of God is crying out for Zimbabweans to be blessed by good, honest, caring, talented leadership at all levels, and you are the one who can do it.
You are a transitional figure, who bridges the generation of war vets. One side the ones who forcefully take back the land and the resources and put them in the hands of indigenous Zimbabweans without fear of the present or the future…. and the other side-the new generation of nation builders who build the spiritual, the moral, the community unity/harmony of the nation and the secular excellence of the nation
The hand of God is about to fall on your head, and if it does, you will lose your life in an instant and we all will suffer because of it. This is not the will of God. Right now. This instant, turn to God, wrestle with him like Jacob until he changes your heart to be the heart of a Solomon, the nation builder. Psalm 51 read it and make it your own. St. Paul the genocidal maniac changed. Zacchaeus the greedy man changed, David the war veteran walked with God, Jacob the schemer met God and changed. Steve Blomefield – born racist, club frequenter was utterly changed, transformed. The west will rush to assist you [poor though they are], they will rush to offer their help [without compromising Zimbabwe’s sovereignty]. Zimbabwe is in a community of nations and like China with their bamboo curtain, while we hide behind a dzimbabwe curtain, we will remain in poverty, but if we open the way like China opened the way [maintaining morality and sovereignty], and reform the values of the nation, Zimbabwe will rise up to the greatness that God has planned for it. from billions of years ago.
We have an incredible people who resisted the manipulations of the west while suffering deeply;they resisted the moral democracy with its homosexuality, lawlessness and blatant immorality in the media; a people who are wise, harmonious, intelligent, capable,, educated. We have a country with world class tourist destinations. We have fish, forests, land, weather through which we can grow nearly anything. We have over 480 different minerals. We have diamonds and gold. We have thorium through which we can export power to all surrounding nations. We have rural farmers who live simply and who will supply all the food we need. We are a truly blessed nation. We need a talented leader and you are the one. Get on your knees now and struggle with God until you rise up forgiven and are a changed man with a vision to leave a fantastic legacy of nation builder.

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Prophecy to Hon. Grace Mugabe

This prophecy is addressed to the First lady of Zimbabwe,  Grace Mugabe who is aspiring to be a national leader in being the head of the women’s league and now actively participating in the political arena.
This is a prophetic letter to First lady, Grace Mugabe, wife of his excellency the president of Zimbabwe. This means I do not write to lobby for my own race, culture, church, suburb, business but I speak for God. Prophecy must be tested and you must test this prophecy. Is it according to scripture. Is it tough truth? Or is it populist, telling you what you want to hear to gain favour, promotion, money or power.

Zimbabwe is crying out for a leader. I am going to tell you what they are crying out for. You have the potential to be a national leader but you have to do things God’s way. If you do things God’s way there are many enemies ahead but God will deal with them if you maintain faith in him like Joseph maintained faith in him and Deborah [Judges 4] maintained faith in him and Esther [Book of esther] maintained faith in God.

David was a war vet, a hero, a man who warred so that the people of Israel could get the land God promised his people. His warriors started out as people who were in debt, people who were unhappy with government [ samuel 22] but these warriors became the tough commanders of David’s army. History repeated when your husband in Mozambique inspired those who fled Rhodesia because they were unhappy with its racist government to fight for the land of Zimbabwe.

Having won the land in 1980 he then set about actually possessing the land, ordering the government posts, universities, agricultural land, mines and big business to come under control of indigenous Zimbabweans. In 2002 he was sick and a pentecostal prophet approached me, claiming your husband was going to die, but I counter claimed that it was impossible as he had to finish the God appointed task of ‘possessing the land’. According to that prophetic word [www.zimbabweprophetic.wordpress.com], he has survived, completed his work and now is free to pass on.

Now after David, there was Solomon. The work God gave Solomon to do was very different from the work David was given. Also the kind of people David gathered around him was very different from the people Solomon gathered around him. While David was a bloody warrior, Solomon was a peace loving NATION BUILDER. While David was surrounded by angry rebels, Solomon surrounded himself with architects, administrators, Agricultural specialists, Road makers, Military specialists. While David declared Jihad, Solomon negotiated in peace. He built the roads, cities, fortresses, government administration, the temple, the army, the taxation structure, the philosophy and culture [proverbs] of the nation.

Rhodesia has been defeated, and the land properly possessed according to my prophecies [www.zimbabweprophetic.wordpress.com]. Now is the time for a Solomon, a nation builder who seeks to develop and promote hard working experts. David was not forgotten, nor were his war veterans. They are to this day honoured in Israel, and in the Bible, and so also the war veterans who fought in the Chimurenga should always be honoured. Now there is a different generation, the generation of nation builders.

The prophets of the bible were intelligent, creative, nation builders. They spoke for God because God wants proper nation building. They spoke for
1. SPIRITUALITY The worship of one God, God Almighty. Yahweh. They spoke against any other gods, spirits, mediums, magicians etc. Jesus Christ was sent from heaven to show us who that God is, and also what kind of people God wants us to be like.
2. MORALITY God wants a moral government and a moral people. People of honesty. People of integrity. People of hard work. People who fulfil their promises. People who obey the Word of God. 3. COMMUNITY HARMONY. National unity, national harmony, forgiveness, love, respect for all people [especially the poor, widows, orphans], practising justice, having [Shona]nhunu, not doing things that would harm the community or bring division. Every person building not only his own prosperity, but the prosperity of the community.
4. SECULAR EXCELLENCE. Knowledge [information found in schools, internet, libraries]; wisdom [learning to practically apply knowledge]; understanding [being an expert in your area of work, in Shona- Shasha, being a person who the whole community recognises as being one who has deep understanding of an area of life]. Bringing more and more excellence to his area of work throughout his life.

The prophets repeatedly promised national decline if these principles were broken. They also repeatedly promised national prosperity if these values were developed as normal culture [Deuteronomy 28, Jeremiah 18]. History has confirmed that those nations that obey those principles became regional or national powerhouses, but those who are rotted within by not having these values become divided, poor and are dominated by other nations. Right now Zimbabwe is cursed by the evils it is practising and has most of the curses of Deuteronomy 28. This shows the desperate need for nation building.

Solomon promoted the priesthood by building the temple. He inspired men to love women through the Song of Solomon. He wrote proverbs to practically apply the Word of God to daily life and to teach people practical living that was spiritual, moral, community building and encouraged knowledge, wisdom, understanding and excellence of work. The result was that Israel became a regional powerhouse. But later on, when national leaders did not obey God and the values of the nation rotted, they declined and were defeated and exiled.

Your husband won the land for Zimbabweans, but he also started the process of nation building by promoting education [Knowledge] and health. As a result of this, Zimbabweans played a significant role in rebuilding South Africa post independence. At first Zimbabwe blossomed and gained the respect of the continent and even the whole world. But it has been declining, fundamentally not because of the land invasions but because of a decline in spirituality, morality, community unity and harmony and by a decline in excellence in the secular. The laws of God are being broken.

Sadly, the nation has been corrupted by people who love money, people who love positions, people who love political posts and posts in government and business. It has been corrupted by a church having leaders that love money, houses, cars, business instead of bringing their people to a genuine relationship to Jesus Christ and knowing and practising His will. This corruption was predicted in my prophecy ‘A prophetic overview of Zimbabwe’, written at the end of 1997 [www.zimbabweprophetic.wordpress.com]. If someone wants a post so that he can have money or power or status in the community, he is corrupt, a nation destroyer, a son of Satan- no matter how insignificant that post is. But if he wants that post [post in government, business or community] because he needs the authority of that post to improve and perfect that area he is responsible for, to serve the people of Zimbabwe, he is righteous. He pleases God and is a nation builder.

You have been given land and you have used that land to build a herd of cattle. The herd of cattle was used to supply milk. The milk was used to build a business of yoghurt and milk drinks etc. It is ridiculous how this has been criticised by ex Rhodies. The Bible talks of a man given 5 talents. He uses those talents to get 5 more talents. He is praised for this. The one who sat on his single talent was condemned as being a wicked, lazy servant. You have taken what you were given and have properly used it to supply a product of excellence to the people of Zimbabwe. You have built an orphanage. You have built an expensive school. Again you have been criticised of this by ex Rhodies but in the countries where they have been exiled, they send their children to the same expensive schools at the same price and these schools are praised by them. This is blatant, bitter, judgemental hypocrisy. You are using the talents of land and money you have. You are an example. If every Zimbabwean was to use their land, money and talents as you have, the nation would be a continental powerhouse.

I have seen that you have been concerned for the plight of women[Community harmony]. You have spoken against people who accumulate more and more shares, just to be rich [morality]. You have denounced corruption [morality]. You have spoken against people who are lazy [Secular excellence]. You have spoken against families being split by one partner going to South Africa [Community harmony]. You have denounced disunity [community harmony].You have denounced domestic violence [community harmony]. You have affirmed indigenous empowerment [Building the secular]. You have condemned polygamy [morality].You have spoken against old men of influence who impregnate young women [morality].

This shows you are a reformer. A nation builder. You are on the right track.

In the heart of every person in Zimbabwe there is a cry for genuine spirituality [honest, sincere pastors, prophets, apostles, government leaders]. There is a cry for a moral nation. A cry for community unity in the nation. A cry for people who have a post, to use the power of that post to bring excellence to that area and to have a heart to serve Zimbabweans…. and to serve and please God in that post. There is a cry for national leaders to say to the people ‘We love you, we care for you, we are going to serve you and we are going to use all our strength to build your true prosperity’

If you accelerate your speeches affirming these things…. speaking with boldness and passion, you will be crying out what Zimbabweans are crying out for. You may have started out with a little timidity, but now speak out as a national leader, a nation builder because the new generation has to be a generation of nation builders- male and female Solomon’s at whatever level. You can move the nation and inspire the nation. People are tired of corruption, grabbing more and more land, grabbing more and more shares, grabbing more and more money, grabbing more small houses, grabbing more directorships. They are tired of people making speeches just for the power, not for the desire to serve the people with excellence. They are tired of businessmen grabbing more and more small houses and making more and more young women pregnant and then demanding abortions and abandoning them. They are tired of people grabbing more land but not farming it. They are tired of having no proper direction.

If you speak these four things you will inspire the people. You will give them proper direction. You will press the buttons they are waiting for …. and you will please God.

But you will need the support of genuine pastors, apostles and prophets [for every genuine prophet there are 450 fake prophets], a genuine political team, genuine friends, and faith in Almighty God. The lazy, the immoral, the witches who only care for themselves, the weevils who secretly and in darkness try and creep into power while eating the food of the nation and leaving their faeces on everything they touch….. will oppose you and fight you. The war will be intense. If you place your faith in Almighty God he will deal with his enemies who oppose all that is good and decent and righteous. They are his enemies, not yours. They will die in accidents, die in diseases. They will be exposed as corrupt. They will lose desire to fight you. Their businesses will fail, their shares will lose value. They will be reduced to poverty and will have no money to fight you. Many will be converted to true nation building. Some will change and be genuine followers. There are thousands of righteous civil servants who crave to be in departments where honesty and excellence reign. They tolerate a lack of excellence now but crave excellence. They will build the nation with you.

Zimbabweans. Let us be a spiritual nation serving only Jesus Christ. Let us be a nation of people who have values of excellence, integrity, community unity. God is saying to us the generation of war is over. Now is the generation of nation builders. While you build your own prosperity build the values and prosperity of the community around you as well. …. and Zimbabwe will be a regional powerhouse once again. But if you love yourself, your fleshly cravings, your own prosperity, you are a son of Satan, a destroyer of the community, a destroyer of the nation and you will meet your God on judgement day.

Prophet Steve Blomefield
23rd October, 2014

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Zimbabwe and Deuteronomy 28 introduction 1

Why has Zimbabwe declined since the policy of indigenization took place as prophesied? Deuteronomy 28 holds the key. if you obey God, blessing will come. if you do not obey God, the land will be cursed with poverty and failure. Zimbabwe is failing right now, this means that we are not obeying God and we have sowed evil and we are under the active judgement of God.

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God planned Zimbabwe to be returned into the hands of Zimbabweans, but since that happened, there is poverty, destruction and difficulty. What is happening? Why is this happening? Does God want Zimbabweans to be in poverty and distress? What has caused this destruction?

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Nearly all Christian farmers lost their farms, alongside the wicked racist, arrogant farmers. Why do the righteous suffer with the wicked? Why did good people who served their communities and were praised by their African neighbours still lose their land? Those who obeyed the prophetic word and sold their farms or who surrendered their keys saved their peace of mind and their wealth, but those who resisted Gods program of returning wealth back to Zimbabwean hands lost their peace of mind, their equipment and their wealth. This post explains why Christians suffer in and with their communities.

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SP= Spiritual, M= moral; CH= Community harmony and EX= Excellence in the branches of the secualr realm. nation builders and prophets must build these things to build the nation and please God.